Comboyuro Point Campground

    Enjoy beachside Moreton Island camping on the western side of the island at Comboyuro Point Campground, a short 5 minute walk north from Bulwer Township, past the Moreton Island Wilderness Camp.

    This large, sandy Bulwer camping ground is tucked back from the shore amidst casuarina trees. It offers keen campers and caravaners plenty of shady sites differing in size.

    Parking is provided beside each site and all campsites are marked by totem poles.

    Things to do on Moreton Island at and around Comboyuro Point


    The sheltered Moreton Bay waters of Comboyuro Point Campground provide calm swimming for all ages. Be sure to not venture far out though as this beach is not patrolled and the currents can be quite strong.

    Kayak, SUP and Snorkel

    Bring your own gear, or hire out a kayak, a stand-up paddleboard or snorkelling gear from Castaways located in Bulwer to get out onto the water.


    Though Flinders Reef, The Wrecks - Moreton Island and Curtin Artificial Reef are the most well-known dive and snorkel sites around the island, you can go drift diving off Comboyuro Point. The drift dive is recommended only for seasoned divers, inexperienced divers should, under no circumstances, attempt diving here.

    Experienced divers after truly gorgeous and unique dives should check out the Moreton Island dive sites of Flinders Reef, Gotham City, Henderson Rock, Cementco, and Cherub Cave. These sites are well-worth a visit.


    Comboyuro Point is Bulwer’s fishing hotspot. You can grab bait and tackle from Castaways if you haven’t brought anything along. Stroll slightly north of the Bulwer camping ground to where the shoreline curves – this is the prime shore fishing spot.

    Beach Walks

    For beach walking things to do on Moreton Island head north of the Bulwer Moreton Island camping area to embark on a beach walk to the sarsaparilla coloured Dog Creek. Continue a further 2km to reach the open beach at Taylor Bight. There’s a variety of marine and bird life to be spotted along this walk (and the entire western coastline).

    If you wish, you can stroll back into town along 1.5 km track passing through casuarina woodland and along the edge of a heathland swamp which takes you to the 4WD Bulwer Blue Lagoon Road. From here, it’s about 6km back to Bulwer.

    Instead of heading north, you could walk south to Bulwer Wrecks, or further on, to Curtin Artificial Reef, a popular dive site just north of Cowan Cowan. If you like, take a dip while at the reef, or go exploring behind the dunes to find 2 graves dating back to 1883 and 1895.

    You will also stumble across the remnants of old WWII bunkers on the sands around this area.

    More Activities & Sightseeing Ideas

    Check out these 7 things to do in Bulwer and 20 things to do on Moreton Island.

    5 Moreton Island Camping Tips & Regulations

    Make sure you are fully-prepared for your trip. Here’s some need to know camping info and safety tips to familiarise yourself with before your cruise across Moreton Bay.

    #1 Before leaving for the island, check park alerts to find out whether local fire bans are underway. If not, feel free to light small campfires, only in existing pits/rings. Never leave a campfire unattended and always extinguish fires with a bucket of water, never sand or dirt.

    You must bring your own firewood, or buy firewood from Bulwer’s Castaways general store section, or from barge departure points. Don’t collect branches and twigs from the bush. You can bring an axe (no chainsaws allowed) to chop up your wood.

    #2 If you’re bringing a portable toilet, waste can be emptied at the Comboyuro Point Campground waste facilities. Don’t dump your waste into any of the toilets as it kills the vital bacteria in the composting toilets.

    #3 You should bring drinking water, water containers, and water sterilisation tablets if you don’t plan on buying bottled water in town. And don’t forget rubbish bags, sunscreen, insect repellent, firewood, an axe, sealable containers for rubbish, a first-aid kit and sand pegs if erecting a tent.

    #4 If you’re planning on fishing, keep your bait and catch bait in sealed containers away from native wildlife, and bury any fish remains and unused bait below the high tide mark in a deep hole. Cover any scraps with 50 centimetres of sand or more. Cleaning fish is prohibited in campgrounds.

    #5 Phone reception is poor and unreliable at Comboyuro’s Bulwer camping ground.

    Comboyuro Point Moreton Island Camping Details

    Must do: Camping permits are essential. Fees apply. A camping tag with booking number must be displayed at your Comboyuro Point campsite.

    Family perks: Family rates can be taken advantage of. Family rates cover up to a total of 8 people: 1 or 2 adults + child/children under 18 years of age.

    How many campsites: 49 sites are available.

    Amenities & Fire Regulations

    • Water (must be treated before drinking)
    • Septic toilets (open 24/7)
    • Portable toilet waste disposal facilities
    • Rubbish bins
    • Cold showers
    • Campfires are only permitted in existing fire pits/rings when fire bans (or prohibitions) are not in place. Gas or fuel stoves are recommended instead of open fires. Generators are not allowed.

    Campground suitable for: Walk-in camping, tent camping beside your car, camper trailers and large groups.

    Campsite surface: Sand

    Rules: Stay on 4WD tracks and walking trails. If you carry it in, carry it out.

    How to get there: The campground can be reached on foot and by 4WD.

    Please Note: 4WDs with low range function and high clearance are strongly recommended. All-wheel drive vehicles which lack true 4WD function and low clearance vehicles are not suitable for the island.

    Campfires are prohibited at The Wrecks campground, North Point campground and on all beaches.

    No domestic animals allowed

    More information: Wondering where else you can camp on the island? Refer to the Moreton Island National Park Camping Zones Map and take a look at Moreton Island camping prices. When you’re ready, organise your Comboyura Point Bulwer camping permit and book your campsite, or let Redcliffe Cruise & Travel do all the hard work for you.

    If planning to fish and/or boat familiarise yourself with the Moreton Bay Marine Park User Guide.

    Get your bearings and plan your itinerary by checking out the Moreton Island National Park and Recreation Area Map.

    Comboyuro Point camping area, Moreton Island National Park and Recreation Area, Combie Campground Track, Moreton Island QLD, Australia

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    Public holidays may vary

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