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Have you been plugging ‘animal tours near me’ into Google search? If so, stop, we have a tour perfect for you.

For unique animal encounters Brisbane north of the city book a Llama Experience with Dayboro Cottages & Llama Walks to enjoy a carefree half hour getting up close to cute and cheeky llamas a short drive north of Dayboro Township.

The Llama Experience Low-Down

The Llama Experience is one of the best things to do in Dayboro. This llama feeding tour lasts for approximately 30 minutes and is held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons at a pre-arranged time between 2pm and 4pm.

This feeding tour involves a llama information session held in the herd’s llama paddock, up behind the property’s cottage accommodation. You’ll be able to get a glimpse of the valley from the paddock during the 30 minute feeding tour.

The highlight of this tour is of course the feeding session – you will be handed a bowl containing pellets with which to feed the resident llamas. You can also hand feed them leaves or hay if you wish. Feel free to give your llama a pat while they munch away.

Some of the llamas enjoy pellets, while some prefer leaves or hay. Keep your eye out for 1 llama in particular who will steal the show – Emery's hunger knows no bounds when it comes to pellets, this hilarious chap will gallivant from bowl to bowl gobbling as much food as he can. You’re sure to get a laugh from his cheeky antics.

Animal encounters Brisbane north of the city don’t get more amusing than a llama feeding.

Things to do in Dayboro Before or After your Llama Feeding

Get the most out of your trip into Moreton Bay Region’s hinterland by turning your Llama Experience into a full day hinterland day trip in Dayboro and surrounding areas, or surprise your beloved with a romantic weekend escape in Dayboro.

The forested and rural area of Moreton Bay Region is home to many hidden gems and well-known natural attractions ensuring there is plenty of hinterland fun to be had all year round. Go on a foodie trip, hike the Somerset Trail, or enjoy a summer hinterland escape.

A Lesson in Llamas

Beautiful, sweet-natured llamas are curious, interesting and calming characters bred for their calm temperament.

Originating from the Americas, they are amongst the earliest of all domesticated animals. A member of the camelid family, llamas are an extremely versatile herd animal comfortably at ease with human interaction.

Every llama is unique, these animals come in a wide variety of colours and sizes, and each has their very own distinct personality.

A friendly and helpful companion, llamas are commonly used as pack animals in mountainous areas and by people who simply enjoy hiking or backpacking in the company of a quiet and willing side-kick. Llamas are capable of carrying a third of their body weight and their two-toed feet enable them to be agile and sure-footed on all sorts of terrain. As a bonus, the soft pad on the bottom of their feet ensures they leave little impact on the environment.

Things to do in Dayboro – Llama Experience Details

When: The 30 minute Llama Experience can be booked for Saturdays and Sundays at a predetermined time sometime between 2pm to 4pm (weather permitting).

Please Wear/Bring: Sneakers/runners as you will be toured through the llama paddock. It is recommended you also wear a hat and sunscreen. Don’t forget your camera or smart phone to snap all the llama antics!

On the Day: Please arrive 5 minutes before the scheduled Llama Experience time and make your way to reception. Parking is located on the grass just behind the large entrance sign, clearly visible on the right side of the road when traveling north from Dayboro Township. Upon parking, follow the gravel driveway in front of the entrance sign to the house where reception is located.

Gift Vouchers Available: Share the llama love. With such unique llama things to do in Dayboro, why not arrange a gift voucher for a Llama Experience or Llama Walk upon making your booking.

Need to Know: Animal encounters Brisbane north of the city at Dayboro Cottages & Llama Walks must be pre-booked.

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